I have allergies. If something pollinates, sheds or blooms…grows leaves, fur or flowers…I am probably allergic to it. I am not asking for sympathy. I have been this way all my life. There are worse problems. And the drugs are better now. I slept through half of my childhood, thanks to Actifed. That’s all there was then. The wonder drug of the decade. Thank God for better drugs, like Alavert.

Of course, I choose to live in Sacramento, California. According to the Sacramento Magazine… “What we actually have here is a greater ratio of trees to people than you’ll find almost anywhere else: roughly 6 million of the former and 2.5 million of the latter”. I quoted it verbatim because it reminded me of Cool Hand Luke. “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”. Don’t get me wrong. I love trees. I love flowers. I love dogs, cats…every manner of furry thing. So, maybe the failure to communicate is within me. I know these things make me sick. I smell the flowers. I pet the animals. I don’t move to the desert.

One of my friends posted on her blog [when she had a blog] about what September means to her. It was all about school and new beginnings. Meh. September for me means bronchitis. Every year for the last 5. So does October sometimes. And February. Maybe March.

Bronchitis, in and of itself, is not so much a big deal. An itis is an itis. They all suck. But the symptoms are the kicker. And I do mean KICK. Like major ass kicking. The thing starts with your typical flu-like issues. That’s what makes it hard to know what’s happening. When a full-blown allergy attack comes on, it sometimes feels like the flu. At least for me it does. I only figured this out a year ago. It has saved me weeks and weeks of letting it go, treating it like the flu, instead of hitting the nasal steroids right away.

Still. I end up with a week or two, twice a year, every year, of misery.

For women my age, coughing and sneezing are a hazard. We can do exercises to strengthen the muscles in certain areas and that does help. But when you sneeze 20-30 times in a row…over and over again…when you cough so hard, so often that your ribs ache…well, said muscles become weak. Don’t fret. It all gets better once the coughing stops. I am not ready for the nursing home yet. And I doubt it was important for me to make that particular indignity public. But if there are any other women who cope with this…well, join the sisterhood.

Despite all of this, I love the fall. Adore it. I love the brilliant, crisp blue of the sky that happens at no other time of the year. I love the bright colors of the leaves. Especially since it means the little f’rs are DYING and that means no pollinating for several months. AND it means it’s going to rain. I love rain. I am the most well when there is rain.

Thankfully, I am NOT allergic to mold.


Update: I now live in Texas, and found out I was allergic to the whole damn state! I found something that helped me IMMENSELY! I post it here, so you may explore it if you choose to…but I will say, if you don’t? Shame on you. It is fabulous. Google: NAET Allergy Practitioners.

5 thoughts on “September”

  1. ROFLMAO at the second-to-last paragraph. You slay me.

    I’m allergic to mold. *sob* And something I’m allergic to must have just started blooming or procreating or whatever the hell it does, because I have been dying for about two days now… this morning I sneezed eleven times in 6 minutes.

    And I refuse to believe it has anything to do with how much cleaning I’ve done this week. LOL

  2. P.S. I think the UTC time on your server is still not correct… I actually posted that last comment around 6:30 AM PST…

    [There. All fixed. It’s good the be the Administrator. Mwahahahahahaha!!]

  3. Yes. Yes, it is.

    You know how the plumber has a leaky faucet and the appliance repair man has a broken dishwasher?

    Welcome to the geek man’s network. The server has some issue, which was repaired, until reboot.

    It will be fixed at some point, of course…but there are new things to do right now…

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