The First Gift…

The other day was one of those days. You’ve had them. One that would have been better had you had stayed in bed with your mouth taped shut and the door locked from the outside. A day where, no matter what, you cannot please a single soul on earth. When the heart of your day is a lump of coal, and you feel pretty sure God is not likin’ you much either.

My DH was mad at me, my MIL was driving me nuts and I felt like Santa was moving my name lower on the bad list every 30 seconds or so.

Trying to make amends, I decided to move my schedule around and pick up a piece of furniture from the Salvation Army that my MIL had purchased. I did this to save my DH the time he would have lost studying for the Bar Exam to do it. Make two people happy at once and hopefully move my name from Santa’s Naughty list…for a moment.

I met my MIL at the SA [This is a whole other story. She loves this place and I can't stop the insanity, so.] to pick up said piece. A dresser. For her bedroom. I have a Nissan Sentra. ‘Nuff said on that.

But, I was by God going to do this. So, I paid for the dresser…[$20. MIL's idea of "buying" something is sometimes a bit sketchy on exactly who is paying for it.] and had help getting it out the door. I was able to get all the drawers in the back seat. So far, so good.

Next, the SA guy [While he did help, his attitude was less than charitable.] helped me put the body of the dresser into the trunk. About 3 feet fit inside and about 3.5 feet hung out. Helpful SA Guy says, “If you had something red to hang offa that, it might work.” I took the red SALE tag taped to the top and slapped it onto the end. SA cashier girl came out and offered, “That’s going to fall out when you hit the first speed bump in the parking lot.” Um, OK. Thanks for the support.

Honestly, it was wedged in there pretty tight. I think it would have been fine. I was willing to try, as we live two blocks away. It was overcast, but not threatening rain, and it was already in the car. I would just drive real slow. It would be fine.

So, I packed it up, thanked them for their time and told MIL to load up. Of course, she had forgotten something. As I stood waiting, assessing the situation, a woman in a large pick up truck pulled next to me in the parking lot. She motored down her passenger side window and said, “How about I give you an early Christmas present today.” I looked at her with all the confusion I felt. “Let’s toss that in the back and I can take it wherever you’re going.”

Now, I really didn’t relish the idea of wrestling it out of the car and into the truck. But. You have to believe in God to know that if a kind stranger in a truck shows up when you didn’t have one…to move a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in your car…well, you gotta know you are about to do something stupid and you better take the help.

So, I did.

We maneuvered it into the back and she followed us the two blocks to our house. Another few tugs and grunts had it in front of the garage, which was where DH and I would take it the rest of the way when he got home from work.

I turned and asked her if I could pay her or do anything at all to thank her for her kindness. She grabbed both my hands in hers and said, “You can Praise the Lord.” I told her she could rely on that. It’s a done deal.

So, Praise the Lord, Amen! Merry Christmas. And thank you, Nice Lady, wherever you are. There is not another thing I need this year.

One thought on “The First Gift…”

  1. AWWWW!! How wonderful is THAT? I’m so glad you got that early present! And how wonderful, the way you said you need not one single thing more this year. So special. **hugs**

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