A Cryin' Shame

You know…it feels like I’m watching a rerun.

Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Judy Garland, River Phoenix, Chris Farley…and it seems to look as if, Michael Jackson.

I had a huge argument with someone not too long ago about whether or not the fans were responsible for the rampant use of performance enhancing drugs in sports.  His argument was that the fans wanted more and more and they HAD to take the drugs to keep doing better and breaking records.  I have never heard anything more ridiculous in my life.

People are using drugs for many reasons…I don’t get it, myself…but the fans are not the problem.  It’s still a choice they make. And not a good one.

If it’s the owners, the agents, the studios, the producers, the assistants, the DOCTORS…whoever…these are TRUSTED members of a star’s [whether it's a sports or entertainment star] inner circle!!  If they are making these drugs available in an unsafe or illegal manner…well, that sucks. If they are forcing them to use them for whatever reason?  Then surely, they should have a special place in Hell.

I don’t care who the celebrity is, good grief, people!  It sickens me to think that they surround themselves with leeches and yes men who care so little for them that they would watch while a human being unknowingly kills themself.  And if they are being told to take them or forfeit a career? I don’t even know where to go with that.

On the other hand…what is it with us, that we glamorize and idolize people who are so screwed up they have to have drugs to get through the day?  And what is it about being so talented and rich that makes some folks so damn unhappy?

My advice to the remaining super celebs out there in the sports and entertainment world:

Take care of yourself! Those people you hire to be your friends are not. Watch your own diet, watch your own money and stay off the damn drugs!  You want recreation, build a gym!  Go to the beach!  Heck…go to Disneyland!  How many people have to die before you figure out that drugs are not the answer?

Ultimately, you folks are all grown ups.  There are rehab facilities out there.  Learn from your mistakes.  Learn from the mistakes from others!  Be original.  Too many people admire you and look to you as an example. If you don’t want this ritzy life and it’s perks and downfalls, get out of it and go work at Home Depot or something.

I still feel bad about Michael. I feel bad about the rest, too.  Wasted lives, wasted talent.  But, seriously, people…how many times do we see this thing play out without the rest of them getting a clue?

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