Sleep Twister

Or…not so much sleep, but the game Twister instead…Bed Twister, maybe, but not like a porn film…well, not exactly.

I know you remember this game. The board, or plastic sheet actually, has big colored dots on it and the object was to put a body part on the colored dot and then other people did and…well, I don’t know who won, or how, or what the actual point was, but it was generally understood that there would be a mess of parts all over the floor. I imagine in today’s heightened sense of being offended at every damn thing, Twister has been outlawed.  I imagine some folks will be offended at my post. Too bad. Stop reading here if you are over sensitive.

So. I have a husband…and a cat. Both boys. And? My boys love me to bits. I have written about this before HERE…but some things need to be revisited.

So, if you look at the previous post, you will see our basic bed configuration and how we sleep. Only some things have changed and now it seems to be a game of Twister; one in which I am the board, and my body parts are the colored circles. Ansel has changed from lying on my tiny pillow, to curling up in front of my chest. And Steve is usually already in bed and sometimes asleep. Doesn’t matter. The game is the same. So, as soon as I get into bed, here’s what happens in the game:

Steve immediately turns towards me an tosses an arm over my waist. Soon after, the cat jumps up in front of me, and with much fanfare, purring, head-butting and nose kissing, situates himself in the crook of my armpit, as close to my chest as he can get and sits…then leans into me to curl himself ON me. If he cannot get his placement exactly the way he wants it, he will abort the whole thing and walk down to my feet and back up to my face to try again.

Once settled, he has both paws in the center of my chest, kneading. At this point, Steve usually has a handful of my chest, too. I am not sure what’s up with boys always having to hold them…like they might fall off and get lost in the covers in the night. They’ve always been pretty securely attached, but whatever.

Steve will readjust several times. Right hand back down to the waist. Left arm behind me, hand over my ear. I don’t know how that is possible, and since my back is to him in the dark, I may never know. Then it drops to my shoulder. So, the arm is behind my neck and the left hand is on my shoulder, while the right has me snugly around the waist, lest I try to leave. *eye roll* Or it might just have my hip. But it’s on me…somewhere.

Then the cat moves and his head is on my shoulder and his paws are on my head…and in a few minutes, with another big series of stretches, he tucks his head under my chin, both arms stretch across me and plops both paws also on my left shoulder. So, if you lost count, I now have 3 “hands” on my left shoulder, arms across my chest, a head under my chin, an arm behind my head and an arm around my waist. I’m not sure if the rules allow this, but that’s how the game is at my house. Did I mention?  They are both throwing about a gazillion BTU’s. Just saying.

Steve will generally turn over after about 15-20 minutes, due to a left shoulder that bothers him if he sleeps on it too long. Ansel will hold out longer, and then move up to his pillows and stretch out. THEN, I can move around and actually go to sleep…or you know, get up and blog about it.

Not complaining at all, but being loved is not always sunshine and roses. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable…and hot. Still, it is being loved. And even if I’m giggling to myself, cuz everyone else is playing the game in their sleep, it does make me giggle. And ANYTHING that makes you laugh is absolutely worth it.

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