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Sleep Twister

Or…not so much sleep, but the game Twister instead…Bed Twister, maybe, but not like a porn film…well, not exactly.

I know you remember this game. The board, or plastic sheet actually, has big colored dots on it and the object was to put a body part on the colored dot and then other people did and…well, I don’t know who won, or how, or what the actual point was, but it was generally understood that there would be a mess of parts all over the floor. I imagine in today’s heightened sense of being offended at every damn thing, Twister has been outlawed.  I imagine some folks will be offended at my post. Too bad. Stop reading here if you are over sensitive.

So. I have a husband…and a cat. Both boys. And? My boys love me to bits. I have written about this before HERE…but some things need to be revisited.

So, if you look at the previous post, you will see our basic bed configuration and how we sleep. Only some things have changed and now it seems to be a game of Twister; one in which I am the board, and my body parts are the colored circles. Ansel has changed from lying on my tiny pillow, to curling up in front of my chest. And Steve is usually already in bed and sometimes asleep. Doesn’t matter. The game is the same. So, as soon as I get into bed, here’s what happens in the game:

Steve immediately turns towards me an tosses an arm over my waist. Soon after, the cat jumps up in front of me, and with much fanfare, purring, head-butting and nose kissing, situates himself in the crook of my armpit, as close to my chest as he can get and sits…then leans into me to curl himself ON me. If he cannot get his placement exactly the way he wants it, he will abort the whole thing and walk down to my feet and back up to my face to try again.

Once settled, he has both paws in the center of my chest, kneading. At this point, Steve usually has a handful of my chest, too. I am not sure what’s up with boys always having to hold them…like they might fall off and get lost in the covers in the night. They’ve always been pretty securely attached, but whatever.

Steve will readjust several times. Right hand back down to the waist. Left arm behind me, hand over my ear. I don’t know how that is possible, and since my back is to him in the dark, I may never know. Then it drops to my shoulder. So, the arm is behind my neck and the left hand is on my shoulder, while the right has me snugly around the waist, lest I try to leave. *eye roll* Or it might just have my hip. But it’s on me…somewhere.

Then the cat moves and his head is on my shoulder and his paws are on my head…and in a few minutes, with another big series of stretches, he tucks his head under my chin, both arms stretch across me and plops both paws also on my left shoulder. So, if you lost count, I now have 3 “hands” on my left shoulder, arms across my chest, a head under my chin, an arm behind my head and an arm around my waist. I’m not sure if the rules allow this, but that’s how the game is at my house. Did I mention?  They are both throwing about a gazillion BTU’s. Just saying.

Steve will generally turn over after about 15-20 minutes, due to a left shoulder that bothers him if he sleeps on it too long. Ansel will hold out longer, and then move up to his pillows and stretch out. THEN, I can move around and actually go to sleep…or you know, get up and blog about it.

Not complaining at all, but being loved is not always sunshine and roses. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable…and hot. Still, it is being loved. And even if I’m giggling to myself, cuz everyone else is playing the game in their sleep, it does make me giggle. And ANYTHING that makes you laugh is absolutely worth it.

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Oops, I forgot!

Well, finally. I discuss the main focus for October…Breast Cancer Awareness! And? I had my follow up Mammogram.

You know, the one after the many months that followed up the many in February, followed by the angst, followed by the MRI in May, that showed no conclusion, hence the follow up six months later. Early, because of the move to Texas.

Short report: We’re fine.

Long report: My boobies and I are fine. The doctor reading my films asked me into his little dark room to show me the pictures. He had many years of my boobification on the lightbox. He showed me over and over, where these popcorn kernel looking anomalies have been there for years. The same size. Not sure why no one else saw them, but he seemed pretty confident that we, my boobies and I, are fine for another year.

Thanks to all my friends and family for their shoulders and support. Ladies, get your Mammograms done! Don’t forget! Don’t put it off! Do it!

Beat Breast Cancer!


Sorrow Rationing“. That was the subject line on a junk mail I got the other day. What an incredibly good idea. Let’s ration the sorrow…cuz some folks get too darn much. It’s not fair and it kills their spirit.

In his book, The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran wrote: The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

That may be true…in fact, I’m sure it is. But if you never get the chance at the joy, well…then it’s still only sorrow, right?

I have had sorrow…not asking for more. But I know others who have had way more. Yet, even at my bleakest, I was sure there would be better times coming. And? There always have been. Maybe I’ve been lucky. I know I have been blessed. So, whatever thing you happen to believe in, I have had it.

As some of you know, I am currently in a holding pattern after being told I have a mass in my right breast. The most recent tests were “inconclusive”, so I will be having more mammograms in November. I have friends who have had breast cancer and survived. I also know people who have not made it. The difference? Who knows? Attitude…type of cancer…prompt diagnosis…prayer…treatment…God’s Will…? I am counting on surviving, regardless of what they tell me in November. I still have things to do, thanks.

The key is the hope of joy. Never giving up on the possibility that the joy is out there somewhere. Just surviving the sorrow…or the pain…or the illness…or the misery…hoping to make it to the joy. Whatever the joy might be. It’s different for everyone. Good health, abundant laughter, true love, fabulous career, gorgeous house. Or all of it. Whatever it is…see it in your mind. Believe it. Claim it for your future. Never give up.

That’s my definition of being a survivor. Never giving up on the possibility that the joy is out there somewhere.


Blogging for Boobs – Part Deux
Click below, give a little, give a lot. The boobies thank you.


I got two interesting e-mails tonight. One said:

We Have A Winner!

First of all, I want to thank everybody for making my first blog-off such a wonderful experience. You guys were all awesome and I had a great time. I’m really looking forward to a second one.

You have selected a winner! The grand prize of $90 goes to Cyndi from Write2B!


An email on the 2nd blog-off will be following.

Thanks again, everyone!

Well…that is just…incredible. And unexpected. And…just awesome. My plan from the beginning was to donate the winnings back to Courtney’s 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer. I really doubted I would actually win. But, wow. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and to all of the other bloggers in the Blog Off for Breast Cancer. Everyone’s blog was so good, voting was excruciating! And I can’t wait to do it again!! So…$90 back to Courtney’s walk fund! Yay!

This whole Blog Off was about raising money for breast cancer research education, screening, and treatment. Over the course of 3 days, Courtney will walk 60 miles…that’s an amazing commitment and one I want to support as much as possible. That’s why at the end of each post I ask the readers to go to her site and support her effort, too.

Today, I am going to ask my readers to play along…here’s e-mail #2:

Blog-Off V2.0

And without much pause, we get ready for Round Two.

This is practically copy and pasted from my blog, but with a few changes. It outlines what the second blog-off will look like.

Like this time, the entry fee will be $10 in US funds paid via PayPal. Again, like this current one, half of the money collected will be the grand prize to the big winner and the remaining half will be donated towards the fight against breast cancer. In this updated version of the contest, it will only for four weeks. There will be four posts, one for each week in July, due on Thursdays by midnight PST. The words that you’ll be blogging on will be selected randomly by myself and you’ll get the word just two days in advance, via email, on Tuesdays.

As with this last go ’round, all the voting will be done by the you, the contestants. Once all the posts are up, you will select your top three and send those votes to me by email. Great news! This time there will be virtually no eliminations. I found that cutting people was the most difficult thing to do and if you had a bad week, you could be out despite being rock solid in previous topics. The only way you will be eliminated is if you fail to get your post up on time. When your votes come in (and they’ll be due each Tuesday by midnight), your favorites will be awarded point values. Your all-time favorite post will be given 15 points, your second is given 10 points and the post you selected as third would be given 5 points. The blogger with the highest cumulative score at the end wins and their winnings will be sent to the them the same way the entry fee was collected- by PayPal.

Voting is going to be vital in this second version so the penalty for not voting will be hefty. If you do not send me your top three selections, you will receive a 15 point penalty. I know there can be a lot of reading to do, especially if I get as many participants as I’d like, so that’s why you get almost a full week to read. The posts are up on Thursdays and voting isn’t required until Tuesday nights. Please take the time to read and vote!

If you’re interested in playing, I’m looking for at least 20 participants. We had 17 last time- can we beat that? A lot of you have already expressed interest and now I’m getting confirmation.

If you’re in for sure, please send the following [to Courtney!]:

Your name (how you’d like to be referred to throughout the
Your email address:
Your blog name:
Your blog URL:

Your goal? Recruit one new person to join in with you. I’m looking forward to doing this again and hope you are, too!

One reason I started with Courtney’s Blog Off was because around the time she started trying to raise money for the walk, I was told I had a mass in my breast. If you want to read all about it, read this category. I have been trying to keep folks up to date on what’s happening…and right now we are on watch and wait detail…the MRI was “inconclusive”…and they suggest follow up mammograms. Meh. I will be having more mammograms done in November. Could be worse.

So! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to donate $10 to Courtney’s walk and then play along with us during the month of July. The more people who play, the bigger the pot will be at the end!


I am told some folks don’t dream. Well, they probably do dream and just don’t remember it, right? Anyhow, I am not one of those. I have had some very bizarre dreams. Some are actually really realistic…but the bizarre ones you remember the most vividly. They say you are working out your subconscious issues in the dream, because you can’t deal with them in your conscious day. Hmmm…I will buy that…sometimes.

The ones that are the most fun are when there’s something on the news about a hurricane, and that night you dream there’s a hurricane in your bowl of soup and your spoon keeps blowing out of it or something. Or you watch Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and then dream you’re getting in the tub and it turns into a shark cage and the great whites are pounding on the sides…only they look like rubber duckies. Waving loofas at you…you know. Continue reading

Mastectomy Bill

You may get something in your e-mail about this. It is NOT a hoax. There really is a Bill introduced into Congress that has been begging to be passed since 1997. It requires insurance companies to cover a minimum 48 hour hospital stay following a Mastectomy. There’s a petition and more information on the Lifetime Television page.

Some of you know, some may not…I was a nurse for nearly 25 years. I quit nursing, in part, because the insurance companies made it so difficult to care for a patient. Managed care is out of control. Doctors allowed it to happen…and in some ways, so did patients. But we are all responsible to some degree, for letting the insurance companies become monsters. Continue reading

Booby Update

Had the MRI…and not the biopsy…still…again.


I might have a date for that by the end of the week. We’ll see.

Left and right I am hearing about people who have actual diagnoses…real problems…and it makes me feel like such a whiner.

Anyhow, I will write a real update when I have some actual info.


Booby Update

*sigh* When last we left this dog and pony show I was waiting for an MRI appointment. That was March 26th. It is now 17 days later. And? I am still waiting for an MRI appointment.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel though. The insurance authorization is done. Yay. Then they said it would take an undetermined amount of time to find somewhere that actually does both MRI and biopsy. So, I said I will do it. So, yes, the insurance company would have done this…but I was convinced it would take even longer if I left it to them…I still am. Continue reading

No news is…

…well, NO NEWS, right?

There was lots of handling and stretching and pulling. No amount of it would bring the creature into the kennel for the stabbing.

Apparently, there are two masses [which I knew] but only one has had “changes” [which I did not know]. The one “of concern” happens to be deep in my breast, hiding down by my chest wall. Now, remember…the table looks like this:

Booby Poking Table

And it goes no lower than that shows. I had to crawl on all fours from a step stool that was about 8 inches too short onto this SOB, then lower my booby into the hole. But? The booby paddles do not come UP into the hole for those of us with a creature nesting close to the chest wall. So. We took off the padding in an effort to get me closer. Nope. At one point, I had my arm down through the hole, supported by a sling, in an effort to make that table “see” the right spot to poke. Not happening. Continue reading