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I swear, I used to have a blog…

I did!! I used to blog about all the funny stuff that happens to me on a daily basis. Seriously! Hilarious stuff! Like this and this and this! Which led to this! Funny stuff, right? And this is classic!

So what happened? Several things: 1. Well, we moved. I don’t know why this caused the demise of my blog, but it contributed. 2. I started caring. About who was reading, whether they would be angry about what I wrote. Whether they would stop reading. *sigh* 3. The big one. FACEBOOK & TWITTER. Everything I would have written several paragraphs about then…and sometimes more…I now pare down and stick them on Facebook and/or pare them down to 140 characters and “tweet” them.

The other thing that happened was a lot of political stuff that shook awake the very core beliefs I have, which I have never hidden, but never really blogged about, either. The firestorm that came from my first very honest political post was…*sigh* FRIGHTENING. And sad. So, I sort of just stopped.

I couldn’t put my fingers on my keyboard without wondering which of our ex’s might read that post, or who I might offend with that opinion, or really just thinking who cares, anyhow.

I found out the answer to the last one is pretty much no one. Which is kind of liberating. Not in the sense I’m going to become a liberal. I hate how they stole that word. Like I hate how the Gay community has stolen rainbows. And those are the short little things I post on FB. But I digress.

Maybe I should post my best comments here from FB and Twitter. Now that no one cares what I write…LOL

59 Seconds of My Day

I heart

There have been stronger gusts and such, but it is a general “minute” of weather here lately. This has pretty much been our weather situation for a week. Oh, sure there have been bits of sun, here and there. But for the most part. This is it.

I am not complaining, mind you. I LIKE this kind of weather. The only issue I have with it, is it screws up my dish reception. But it screwed up my cable reception too, so, I just don’t try to watch TV during it. If it screwed up my internet connection, well, then, then we’d be having a problem.

My favorite thing is to be IN the house during it, but I don’t mind going out in it awfully much. Gives me something to whine about. And it’s all about the whine. Commiserating with the humanity. “OH! This WEATHER! Whew!!”

I took this the other night from my bedroom window.

It was raining so hard, and I wanted to see if I could get any sort of representation of the rain. Not so much, but there is effort there. As much effort as I can get points for by laying in bed pointing the camera out the window.

A restful first day of 2006 to all. Stay dry and toasty. As opposed to last night’s sloshed and toasted…?

Christmas is Over…

OK, it’s done for another year. Time to turn the hourly carols off my clock. [Yes, I have one of THOSE clocks. Like the bird one, but with Christmas Carols. It hangs there all year, but it only plays at Christmas time.] It does turn off at night though…so…

Maybe just a few more days.

Good GAWD, Y'all!

Oh, dear…really? I shoulda known better…

Your Elf Name Is…

Pixie Mince Meat

But at least I have this:

You Are Prancer

You are the perfect reindeer, with perfect hooves and perfect flying form.

Why You’re Naughty: Because you’re Santa’s pet, and you won’t let anyone show you up.

Why You’re Nice: You have the softest fur and the sweetest carrot breath.

I apologize for the silly blog games…I had to laugh at my Elf name though. We are on the road today, bring the College Girl home for the Christmas Break. If I have time, I will make a real post later today!

More Nutty Crackers…

I still don’t get these…but I see them everywhere now. Even Steve commented on it last night. So, over the next few days I am going to post a lot of pics of the different ones I have seen.

I know some people collect these, but I swear, if I had a house full of them, I would be scared to death. Maybe I watched too much Twilight Zone and Night Gallery as a kid. Back when they scared you with with possibility of what might happen, rather than slash everyone in the movie to bits and end with the killer walking away into the foggy night…to set up for part 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. But Nutcrackers, are frightening, just looking at them. Kids that cry while sitting on Santa’s lap for the yearly picture…bah! Fear these!

I mean very pretty and elaborate, but the teeth…

See, there was an episode called The Doll on Night Gallery…it marred me, I think…LOL But don’t you see the resemblance? Nutcrackers are the spawn of this doll.

Thank you. I knew it wasn’t just me.

I have officially lost my mind…

What would possess me to do this…


I will have family here for Christmas, I have a husband studying for the Bar Exam in February, a house that could easily pass for a Federal Disaster Zone, and five books outlined-but-yet-to-be-written.

OK…well, anyhow. I am going to do this, too…:D

Merry Christmas!!


Gads. You would swear I just got on the Internet yesterday. I have a WeatherPixie. I am mostly pissed cuz she is way cuter than me. Look at her!!

The WeatherPixie

Bi-otch. But I love her. I want to be her. My new goal: To be a Weather Pixie, just hangin’ around lookin’ cute. LOL Whew! I am exhausted from the enormity of it.

Oh, well. I have started Body for Life. More on that later…but Steve is doing it with me. Yay! OK, well, yay, for now…the exclamation will hopefully come later.

I am a polite and wholly decent person…

I am cheating tonight. I have nothing, as I am searching for pics of my Grandson. Long story, and I will write it soon, promise to all [two of you] who sometimes read this blog. Anyhow, I was looking around my hard drive and found some old writings. This one was of a very bad day…and it still made me laugh. So, I thought I would share. Zoe may remember, as I think I vented most of this at her originally.

Please keep in mind, I was having a bad day. Some of the stuff I wrote, well…just keep in mind, I am a polite and wholly decent person…most of the time…

One day, about a year ago, I was in a bad, BAD mood…thought I was PMSing, because I was craving everything…I am sure I was actually PMSing…because everything hormonally related ached…ANYway…

The night before… I found Steve’s underwear on the bathroom floor…I was teasing him about it when I brought them in the bedroom to put them in the dirty pile…

I said, “Look what I found on the floor…your panties!!” And he was NOT amused…

He usually grimaces and makes faces and groans when I call them that…but I am just playing and I thought he was, too… BUT he was actually pissed because I called them panties… OMG&CRIMINYSAKES!!!

So, the next morning he’s still mad at me, cuz I was “pissing with” him…not playing with him, as I had intended for it to be…

The whole day I am thinking what a miserable life I will have from now on if I can’t tease or play or have fun with my own husband, my very best friend in the world, and I have to be stoic and serious forever…it was funny to me til he really got pissed…then I cried all day…I was pissed and then I’d cry…and then back to pissed…

So, I take him to school, cuz Sally [his study partner] was already downtown early for a meeting she had, and I had promised to go to the law library to copy some stuff for the two of them…I go in to the law library and called [like I was told to do] Steve for the section numbers I needed to copy.

Two seconds from being done, LITERALLY, this short, round, wanna-be-FBI-but-only-a-security-guard-at-a-crummy-library accosts me and insists I leave the library until I am off the phone. “NOW!” he says. Envision this: I am listening on the phone, NOT talking.

So, I tucked the phone in my pocket and went to reshelve the book I had already gotten off the shelf to take to the copy room. The whole deal…WITH phone call…AND the copying…would have been 3 minutes without his harrassment.

I go out and get the remaining TWO section numbers from Steve.

Then I hung up. I came back in and got the book and went to the copy room.

My copy card didn’t work, so I had to go tell the librarian…who acted like I was too stupid to figure out how to stick a card in and push print. She had to come VERIFY it didn’t work before she finally went and reprogrammed it…the correct way, which she hadn’t done the first whack at it…whatever.

So, I commence copying…my phone rings…it’s Sally…before I can tell her where I am…which was the COPY room, not the freaking reference room…Mr. Roll-me-to-the-next-OverEatersAnonymous-meeting comes bursting into the room from some secret door and screams at me to “Hang up the phone, NOW or leave!!!

I promptly hung up on Sally, completed the three remaining PAGES I had left to copy and reshelved my book…then I slammed my way out of there so hard I nearly took the door off the hinges, and fully expected the stupid cop-o-rama to roll after me and beat me up.

He is lucky he didn’t. I am polite and a wholly decent person…most of the time…but he had so pushed my buttons.

So. Trauma number one…complete.
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Nurse Nan is a liar…

A friend of mine recently had a colonoscopy. Well, actually a friend of a friend. OK, a friend of an online friend who lives many states away. But it brought up my memory of it. I shared some of it with her. And she shared some of that with her friend. Her friend shared it with his nurse, “Nurse Nan”. Nurse Nan called me a liar. Well. That just ain’t right. So, I am going to bore y’all with the whole story. And a little treat at the end. To make it worth your while. No cheating now…

I had my first [and only, so far] colonoscopy in December 2002. [Hey! My 3 year colonoscopy anniversary just passed! Yippee! Wait. That just means I am closer to the next one...] As a former healthcare worker, I am well aware of what goes on during any kind of procedure. Don’t get me wrong, most places take the utmost care of the sleeping or sedated patient. There are a few jokes here and there, but nothing that awful and usually not even about the patient.

All that being said, people with a medical background do NOT make good patients. I didn’t make that up. It’s a well known fact. We are hyper-sensitive, and know way too much for our own good. I, for prime example, am waaaay better on the giving end of a needle. Or an IV. Or…well, just about anything.

So, when I had a little blood on my “back-end paperwork”, I was not a happy camper. I knew full well what the Doc was going to want to have done, and even though I am way past prude, that is an outgoing-only orifice on my body.

Appointment made, the day approached entirely too quickly. The prep was to eat lightly the day before. Clear liquids only after 5pm. No red or purple colored anything. Magnesium Citrate – 2 bottles. A gallon of Go-Lytely. Doesn’t sound so bad on paper.

I had such a busy schedule the day before, I worried I might not get my prep done properly. I have been on the “giving end” of an “unclean” colonoscopy…I did NOT want to be THAT patient! I considered cancelling the procedure. I mean, the blood was gone. It was really nothing anyhow. Besides, it would be better to wait til after Christmas. Better to have bad news, if there was something wrong, after Christmas. I’m telling you, I was mental. Still, I didn’t cancel, because I had to know. That’s how I am.

So, I had a Jamba Juice for breakfast about 10am. The biggest one they make. No strawberries or anything red. Pineapple. Lots of yummy fruit stuff, and a fiber “boost”…the kind of meal that historically gives me a “natural cleanse” anyhow, if you get my meaning.

I was crazed working all day, and didn’t get home til after 6pm. I was supposed to have had my first bottle of Mag Citrate at 5pm. I hadn’t had anything to eat since my Jamba Juice…which had already given me the expected “effect”, several times. Still, fear of being the unclean colon of the day had me freaked. So, I slammed my Mag Citrate on the rocks as soon as I walked in the door. Not so bad…like bitter 7-Up. Mixed up the GoLytely. Now, it says you may add any non-red colored koolaid type drink mix in it…to make it more “palatable”. So, I thought real hard. What can I possibly drink a gallon of in a few hours? AH! Iced tea with lemon. I love that! And I happened to have some of the Crystal Light version in my cupboard. That would do fine.

Having never had the pleasure of tasting GoLytely before, I was impressed with my inventive choice of flavoring, and was actually looking forward to sucking down a gallon of my iced tea with lemon flavored concoction.

DEARGAWDINHEAVEN! Please, never do this. Instead, think real hard about what you can drink a gallon of, after you have poured the salt shaker into it. It was iced tea with lemon flavored sea water. I nearly hurled the first glassful. But, I kept at it. I drank a half gallon. The fear of being the unclean colon patient was fading next to this horrendous ordeal in a glass I was facing. Still, the unclean colon
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I absolutely adore Christmas. Also? I absolutely HATE “the Holidays“.

I love Christmas music. I love Christmas movies. I love giving gifts. I love the story of Our Lord’s birth and the symbolism behind all the different parts of Christmas.

I hate the fact that the politically corrupt weinies in this country want to make it “the Holidays”. I want to celebrate CHRISTMAS! And I am sure those of other faiths want to celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Yule, or whatever. But those celebrations are not being vilified like Christmas.

Here’s the deal: You don’t like Christmas, don’t want to say “Merry Christmas”, don’t want to insult anyone by referring to Christmas, FINE.


Also? Go to work on the days your boss is giving his employees off for Christmas. It isn’t some indiscriminate “holiday”. It’s the celebration of the birth of God’s Son…yeah, the God that’s on the money and the God in our Pledge of Allegience. The God that the MAJORITY of us believe in and worship.

America was set up to be a majority rules country. Not to say that minorities should be mistreated. But if there are more of us who believe in God, WE choose the President by our votes. [By the way: Stop sniveling about it already. You lost. Get over it.] And we should get to say Merry Christmas any time we want to as well.

And? Don’t accept any gifts from anyone for Christmas. Don’t expect any Christmas bonuses. Don’t go look at Christmas lights…no Christmas parties. Don’t you dare eat a single Christmas cookie.

That is not what the celebration is about anyhow, but if you can’t appreciate the spirit of it, do not partake in any of it. Thanks so much.



Note: Foamy says it way better than I ever could, but you will be even more offended! :D