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Dealing with Telemarketers

I am actually pretty easy going about telemarketers. I think they should get different jobs, obviously…but I guess if that’s all they are equipped to do, then, OK. But don’t keep calling me after I have asked to be taken off your list.

It has been going on for weeks. A number I can’t call back, because it shows up as “Name Withheld” with a phone number of 1-423-1, keeps calling me. I answer, they ask for me BY NAME, and tell me they want to send me the insurance quotes I have asked for and would I verify my mailing address. They HAVE my damn mailing address!! AND my name and phone number, obviously. I refuse to verify this, because I never ASKED for any “insurance quotes”. The first time they called I told the man no, I would not be verifying anything and please remove me from his list. He said he would. Lying @$$hole.

They call every day or so. I repeated my request 4 times and then stop answering. Then? I got pissed. They won’t stop calling!! A few days ago, this happened and I answered, I again, in a not very polite way, asked them to The guy hung up on me and I thought that was that. My DH laughed and reminded me of HIS answer to scamming telemarketers. I laughed too and told him if they called back, I would do the same thing.

They called back a couple days later while I was in the car driving. I picked up the phone and I looked at him, then said, “Get ready…” I answered the phone…the man called me by name…

And I screamed bloody murder as loud as I could for as long as I could. Then I hung up.

My DH and I laughed like lunatics for a full five minutes. I figured that would get me off the list. Apparently? It got me moved to somebody else’s list.

Today they called three times in a row. My DH and I were studying in our library. The first time, I looked at him and said, “Sorry…” then answered, listened for the guy to call me by name, then I screamed my head off. We laughed like loons when I hung up, cuz the cat does not understand my new way of answering the phone, and in fact had never heard a sound like that from me. He jumped four feet straight up from a soundly sleeping curl position, and shot himself like a bullet across the room, where he stared at me with eyes the size of saucers. Poor baby.

Then the guy called back!! I did it again. Shook my head, cuz…what an idiot. He must not realize…American women are pretty sturdy. We can scream loud, and a LOT. Maybe Indian women don’t do this. The third time sounded like a different person, and I pictured them passing the headset around…I screamed as loud as I have ever screamed with all my breath. Then my DH and I collapsed into hysteria as we have both worked in call center situations and knew how they must be flummoxed over this response.

They haven’t called back, yet. I kind of hope they do. First, it was kind of fun and relieved a LOT of stress. Sort of an excuse to behave badly. Second, I want a chance to TELL them up front that if they KEEP calling, I am GOING TO keep screaming. I never thought to do that before, and I want a chance to perfect my system. Third, it might be kind of fun to get their reaction to the upfront warning. Will they hang up on me first…or wait to see if I will follow through? Should be interesting. I will update when I have more.

Never on a Sunday

I belong to a “family rec center” type of gym. It’s awesome. Cheap, clean, loads of equipment…and best of all, three pools. TWO heated indoor pools, one “recreation” with slides, a “lazy river”, etc…one lap pool with 8 or 10 lanes [I've never really counted], and one outdoor pool with slides, etc, that’s open all summer.

Normally I go during the week…I sort of plan to NOT work out on the weekends, cuz I am trying to work up to two hours in the water five days a week. If I can do that? I think I should be able to have the weekends to relax. And? Did I mention the “family” nature of the gym I go to?

Today was almost more than I could endure. I don’t mind splitting lanes. I don’t mind however they want to share lanes. But some common courtesy about it would be nice. I always ask to join a lane. I also know my speed and never try to share a “fast lane” since, I’m not really fast. But? Other folks either can’t read, don’t know how fast they swim, have delusions of grandeur, or are just plain rude.

Then there are the little cherubs and the people who believe they are the sun and the moon. That’s awesome. But? They do NOT belong in the lap lanes. On Sundays there are only 3, because they block off a large portion of the lap pool for a slide and the diving boards. And 3 would be enough, if the only folks in the lap lanes were actually swimming laps. But no.

Today there was a child, who could swim, sure…but he was with his Grampa, and wherEVER he wanted to go was fine. So. If he cut across the lap lane in front of me…oh, well, good for him. No matter which lane I moved to, they were there…either hanging on the edge or standing in the lane or swimming in the center of the lane I was trying to “share”. Not like there wasn’t an entire pool and a half for the darling lil munchkin to play in.

*sigh* Anyhow…took me forever, or it felt like it, to get my mile and a half in. Grrrr. But now I have more incentive than ever to go every week day…cuz…never again on a Sunday.


Where did January go?? I swear someone stole my month!

OK, I was sick for about 3 weeks of it. That was three weeks of sneezing, nose-blowing, sinus-irrigating [yes, I did too], coughing, peeing [yes, that too], sleeping and less-than-joyous misery. And then there was a week of sort-of-half-sick-and-very-confused-trying-to-be-an-actual-well-person. So, I guess it wasn’t actually “stolen”, but rather misplaced. Still. Grrr.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. I am so far behind on everything I feel like I will never catch up. I mean, between my businesses, my MIL, my husband, cat and daughter…cooking and what absolutely minuscule cleaning I do…errands and shopping and appointments…then there’s keeping up with e-mail and trying to do a little bit of social networking [i.e. Facebook, Twitter, this blog, etc]…not to mention trying to market my stores, create new designs, create new websites, find new income streams…also keeping up with eating better, and exercising and doing my SparkPeople journaling…

Whew! It’s no wonder I’m exhausted. CRI…and might I add…MINY!

I am Anti-Fungal

Not like, fun gal…I am totally a fun gal, ask anyone. But, Zoe sent this to me, saying: “Never has there been a more appropriate description of why I don’t eat fungus. Or kidney pie. Or any other food born of cast-off parts.” And? I couldn’t agree more…

Click for bigness... Sheldon is one of the funniest comics ever.

Trees have sex in Texas, too

Anyone who’s read this blog in the spring knows I have allergies. Gah.

I'm in the red dot on this map...

I? Moved from that pretty, shiny, green, low pollen area over on the middle far left of the map…to the small red spot [read:Hell] in the middle lower section of the same map. If you squint, you can see my house right smack in the center of it. Look…I’m waving…see me? *sigh* As if.

Sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, short of breath…yeah, and all the rest. I am so damn tired from just trying to be alive. Cedar, juniper, ragweed, oak…they all suck. At least I know what’s causing it. Those trees can’t have sex forever…

Don’t look for me til the pollen count crawls outta the double digits.

Shut Up & Reboot!

I hate Bill Gates. I hate Steve Jobs. I hate all geek-techie-freakazoid-men who cannot get over themselves and their need to rule the freaking world and just MAKE THEIR TOYS PLAY NICELY TOGETHER!

Honestly. I am so flummoxed right now. A friend has an iPieceofCrap…I have info that I want to put on it for her. Vista won’t make nice with iTunes and…oh, whatever. I hate Vista anyhow. Why on earth these guys think it’s OK to create a new operating system that renders nearly every program you have ever purchased, even if it’s a brand new suite of programs that cost hundreds of dollars, completely unusable…well, it’s beyond me.

Actually, no, it’s not. It’s greed. Give however much to charity as it takes to make you feel better. It’s still raping and pillaging every computer user that’s forced to replace all the programs they use every day.

And I am just not up for all the new right now. I used to be a good little techie girl. I used to get stuff. Now it’s hard for me to even understand how to program the cable remote. Everything has gotten so dang difficult! I can’t decide if I’m getting old…or if they are making it harder.

I would call for tech support, but they would likely just say…

Shut Up & Reboot!


Camping…holy crap. Good Lord…I just…who…why…I…oh, my.

See…everyone in my family LOVES to camp out. Most discussions of a family vacation start with “Hey! Let’s go camping!!” Ugh. Um, no. Just the idea of camping makes my teeth hurt. The running joke at my house is that my idea of camping is staying at a Motel 6. Continue reading

Paris in the Springtime…

Just when I think things in the “entertainment” industry can’t get any weirder…THIS is on the news.

Who the hell does she think she is?? I mean, seriously…she is a spoiled, talentless socialite who made herself a name by being born a Hilton, being a party girl…and for having a scandalously leaked sex tape. She probably leaked it herself.

Now she claims to be in need of a “pardon” from the Governor. She is going to jail for 45 DAYS, not to death row. Apparently, the online petition to the Governor said that Paris “provides hope for young people all over the U.S. and the world” and “provides beauty and excitement” to people’s mundane lives.

Hope? Hope that if they work real hard [at partying] and get lucky enough to be suddenly adopted by an already very rich family, they too could be a spoiled-rotten, self-involved, conceited brat and could break whatever laws they want to with no concern? And “beauty and excitement”?? Tell you what, bi-otch, my life will never be mundane enough to want you to get pardoned from anything…not even a fart.

I called the Governor’s office to let him know that I would be extremely disappointed in him if he interceded for Paris in any way, public or private. I told him that she needs to be treated the same as anyone else who ignored the law and she should be used as an example to her adoring “fans”, so they know that she is not better than anyone else and there are consequences to disregarding the law. I was assured that he has very limited constitutional power in this type of situation and he likely could not help her if he wanted to…

In a statement to photographers outside her apartment, she said, “I feel that I was treated unfairly and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted and I don’t deserve this”. Good grief. Yes, Paris, you DO deserve this. YOU are a common criminal. YOU broke the law. You were on PROBATION. Then you broke the law AGAIN. Maybe one of Daddy’s lawyers should explain how ignoring the law doesn’t make it go away.

The fact that so much time and attention is spent on stupid, brainless, arrogant little twits like Britney, Lindsay and Paris is disgusting. All three of them should be back page news unless the subject is how NOT to live your life. I am saying this as someone who has made mistakes in my youth…I guess if I had more money, my mistakes would have been bigger. But my punishment would have been, too.

All in all?

Who Cares?

I'm glowing…

No, not that kind of glow. I’m not pregnant. What hysteria THAT would be. No.

Guys, you may or may not want to continue from here. The word “Boobies” will likely be in this post a lot…but it may not be the use you would prefer. I won’t be rubbing them on anyone, or flashing them at Mardi Gras. So. Fair warning.

I was scheduled for my annual Mammogram aka “Booby Squishing”. For any guys still here, this is NOT a fun thing. I took 3 Ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol in preparation. Continue reading