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I enjoy this quote…actually, I think I laughed right out loud when I first read it.  It’s incredibly true for me. I have tried for years to “write” and when I’m lying in bed at night, just before True, very trueI fall asleep I have an actual narration running through my head. I know, get up, write it down…it just doesn’t work that way.  Oh, I have a few times, but not as a rule. Typically it’s gone just as soon as I get up…I catch a line or two, but the rest of the train has left the station.  I have told myself various times that I am a writer, just  “working on” a project.  And so, in reality I am.  Always have a project or six going.  I have a few outlines started…but I get stuck.  I thought if I just put it out there, it would make it seem more real, so I printed up business cards. One should always have business cards handy.  You never know who you might meet, right?  So. I wanted something on them that would reflect my aspiration to be a writer. When I found this quote online [maybe not the most reliable source, but the most widely used now] it said ”Anonymous”, so that’s what I put on my business cards.

I have since been told the above quote can be attributed to Gene Fowler. I also found it quoted by Red Smith. I also found it listed as Gene Fowler paraphrasing Red Smith. I also found it Anonymous, Anonymous paraphrasing Gene Fowler and Anonymous paraphrasing Red Smith. Whoever said it, I give them all the credit.  I have no idea who actually wrote it, I only know that it’s absolutely true and it wasn’t me.  It’s also the reason there is not a book listed on this site authored by me.  Yet.

My friend Stephanie has actually gotten the words onto the page and she is awesome. Check her out.
Still, I do design some darn cute T-shirts and gifts. I also take some pretty nice photos. So. The book will come someday. In the meantime I blog.  Don’t forget…go. Shop. Enjoy.


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  1. Cindi- I love your style. I read Napolean Hill many years ago, and I have his books here with me still; along with Robert Collier, Rhonda Byrne, Eckhart Tolle, and more. I’ll be back to browse your site in a while. Great creativity.

  2. I too, have had the theme and great ideas running through my head with no chance to put them down on paper, to capture the essence, so to speak. These thoughts pop up later in a different mind casserole, changed from the original. Not better, not worse, just different.

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