The Perfect Storm

Sometimes things happen all at once in life. It feels like everything is coming from all sides and you’re just under attack, right?  It doesn’t have to be a major illness, a death, a horrific tragedy.  Sometimes, it’s just enough of the everyday…all at once…

That’s where I am right now.  It’s really hard to decide what to focus on, what disaster to give your attention. Continue reading

lolcat Front Page

Heh. Not my caption…but my hilariously funny pic of my hysterically entertaining kit-tay. Check the date…front page today!

My funny kitty...

My baby…he’s famous! *sniff*

Edited to add: Um, Zoe pointed out…that’s actually BOTH my boys. LOL Stevie, too! How wrapped am I by the cat? *snort*

Edited again to add: HEY! This pic was chosen for the second lolcats book! More to come!

Talk is…well, it ain't cheap!

Not if it’s Obama talking.

Holy cow…it was just like one of his election speeches. Does he know he won? Cuz he’s still making all the same promises…but never any concrete idea of how it’s going to happen.

He says we are in dire times. He’s going to cut the deficit he “inherited” [from a Democrat dominated Congress for the last two years, right?]…but he never says what he’s going to do about the money he’s spending. He’s going to send more troops…but end the war. He’s writing a new budget and restoring “fairness” to the tax code. According to him, I will not pay a “single dime” more in taxes. I might even get $20 a month or so back. Not sure where I’ll spend all that, but I have time to figure that out.

He’s going to snap his fingers and create jobs and clean energy and school programs and more troops and education for everyone [if you volunteer for something, is what I got out of that]…he’s going to stop the “torture” at Gitmo [if embarrassing someone is actually torture…whatever…at least we don’t pull out fingernails or cut folks heads off…hello?] and get “swift justice” for the detainees there. He will keep jobs here in the US and save the auto industry and make Medicare better…um, by cutting parts of it, I think. Hmmm. Oh. And he’s going to raise the benefits and pay for everyone.

He says he gets it. I’d love to think he does. But it feels like he’s buying into his own publicity. Whatever he was saying during the election that made some folks certain he was going to pay off their mortgages and put gas in their car. Only this is bigger.

And that’s great. GREAT. I mean, really…I’ll take it. But I am not under the spell, I guess, cuz I do not get how he’s going to do it. He has already spent an insane amount of money without batting an eye or even looking at it first. So, I guess, while I would love to believe what he says he’s going to do?

It ain’t gonna be cheap.

Never on a Sunday

I belong to a “family rec center” type of gym. It’s awesome. Cheap, clean, loads of equipment…and best of all, three pools. TWO heated indoor pools, one “recreation” with slides, a “lazy river”, etc…one lap pool with 8 or 10 lanes [I've never really counted], and one outdoor pool with slides, etc, that’s open all summer.

Normally I go during the week…I sort of plan to NOT work out on the weekends, cuz I am trying to work up to two hours in the water five days a week. If I can do that? I think I should be able to have the weekends to relax. And? Did I mention the “family” nature of the gym I go to?

Today was almost more than I could endure. I don’t mind splitting lanes. I don’t mind however they want to share lanes. But some common courtesy about it would be nice. I always ask to join a lane. I also know my speed and never try to share a “fast lane” since, I’m not really fast. But? Other folks either can’t read, don’t know how fast they swim, have delusions of grandeur, or are just plain rude.

Then there are the little cherubs and the people who believe they are the sun and the moon. That’s awesome. But? They do NOT belong in the lap lanes. On Sundays there are only 3, because they block off a large portion of the lap pool for a slide and the diving boards. And 3 would be enough, if the only folks in the lap lanes were actually swimming laps. But no.

Today there was a child, who could swim, sure…but he was with his Grampa, and wherEVER he wanted to go was fine. So. If he cut across the lap lane in front of me…oh, well, good for him. No matter which lane I moved to, they were there…either hanging on the edge or standing in the lane or swimming in the center of the lane I was trying to “share”. Not like there wasn’t an entire pool and a half for the darling lil munchkin to play in.

*sigh* Anyhow…took me forever, or it felt like it, to get my mile and a half in. Grrrr. But now I have more incentive than ever to go every week day…cuz…never again on a Sunday.

Could be worse…

OK, no hate mail, please. One of the reasons I haven’t blogged much is that it seems like only people who bow down and kiss Obama’s feet…or want to…are allowed to have an opinion. I actually got negative comments and e-mail from several people when I openly said I was happy that Sarah Palin was added to the Republican ticket. I told folks on day one of this blog that I am a Republican. Not a surprise, so…

Anyhow, I have decided to have my opinion AND my blog and whoever doesn’t like it, well, that’s fine. The election is over, and the Obamaniacs won. He went right in and started HIS plan. The one that had folks convinced they didn’t have to worry about their mortgage or gas prices or anything at all. It was supposed to fix everything. Unless you listened to Biden. Lord help us if he ever gets in the top spot.

We’re definitely having ups and downs. Prices on everything are up, my shop sales are down, everyone’s anxiety is up, the dow is down…we just took a 5% pay cut with Steve’s job…which is better than a layoff. The good news is we might get $15 back per paycheck with Obama’s “stimulus plan”.

Today, Obama threatened to “call the mayors out” if they “misuse the economic stimulus dollars”. How on earth could those dollars be MORE misused than they already have been?? How would he even know? He never even read it…and likely still hasn’t. Yeah, yeah…I haven’t either…but it ain’t my job. And I don’t have to read it to smell the pork in it. All I have to see is the speed at which the liberals blew it past everyone…because they can.

There is a “check and balance” system in this country for a reason. Too many people got bamboozled into believing the liberals had the answer and swung the balance too far out of whack. So here we are…with a Congress dying to spend a ton of money on a bunch of ridiculous crap and no grown ups in the White House to say no.

I was in Walmart last night, a woman came down the aisle I was loitering in [yes, I forgot what I needed...again], she was talking to the man walking with her. She stopped mid sentence, just in front of me, looked at him and said, “Hello? Who are you?” then continued chattering. I burst out laughing.

She turned around and looked at me. I threw my hands up and said, “I’m sorry. I thought I was the only one who did that.” She said “Oh, noooo. I have had the worst day. I went and got drunk after work. I’m drunk. Cuz I found out today my company is cutting half of us, so I may not have a job. So, I got drunk. On top of all that, I’m feeling even more stupid cuz, know what? I voted for Obama!”

So, I’m thinking…as bad as it gets? It could still be worse. At least I didn’t do that.

Don't blame me...

Fat Girl Swimming

Yes, yes…I posted something similar on my SparkPeople page. Meh. I am fairly certain that of the two people who read this blog, only one even knows the address to the SparkPeople page. Read it anyhow! LOL


OK, let’s just back up a sec. I swim. I like it. But when I am at the gym? I look like a complete idiot. A swim “nerd”, if that’s possible. Because I get bored so easily. And I have no air cuz I’m a fat girl. And I’m a nerd…LOL

First, I wear a swim cap. I don’t like stuff pulling on my hair. So I have a lycra swim cap. And goggles. I don’t like the water in my eyes. So. Goggles. Then I realized that I was struggling so much with my breathing, that I wasn’t seeming to really get much of a workout. So, I got one of these:

…which is awesome. I can swim my hour without stopping, except to drink.

I also wanted to get more work on my legs. I read that short training fins create more resistance and work the muscles in your legs more. So, I got some:

I have these:

…but I feel like I work my arms enough and I don’t want to get too bulky. I’m not training for competition.

I also have one of these:

…but I don’t use it much since I got the snorkel, cuz I don’t need to rest as much.

So, then, there was the boredom. Counting laps, making up blog posts, shopping lists, design ideas for my store …just, your mind goes wild with things that frankly, are frustrating, cuz you cannot do a thing about ANY of them while you’re doing laps. I always thought, “If I just had some music…”, but at the time, the technology was for only the very elite. Several hundred dollars that I was unwilling to spend. But, I recently found a cheap [$40] mp3 player at my local Fry’s. It was not a case, but a waterproof mp3 player, with a pair of earplugs that looked like clear, soft rubber Christmas trees. I used it about 4 times…and honestly, even though the sound was just so-so, and if water got past the Christmas trees it was pretty much gone…it was still awesome. I could still hear the music for most of my workout [an hour of laps] and I would have been tickled. As it happens…I have sissy ear canals. I can’t wear any kind of ear plugs, not even the foam ones, for any length of time…and I am talking minutes…without breaking down the skin inside my ears. Then I have days of crusting and healing before I can wear them again. I thought if I just kept redoing the process it would toughen up in there. But at one point my left ear was nearly crusted shut. So sad.

I researched some more and found something called “bone conduction technology” in reference to underwater music players. Used to be very expensive. VERY. Now? It’s not so pricey!! I got this Saturday:

I put almost 3 hours of my favorite workout music on it over the weekend. I used it for the first time today. And…O.M.G. Awesome is not even close to how cool this is. First, it doesn’t go IN your ear. It clips to the strap on your goggles and the speaker part [the large end in the picture] sits on the skin in front of your ear, near your cheekbone. This conducts the sound through the bone directly to the inner ear. It was loud and crisp and wonderful…then I put my head under water. My ears filled with water and…LOUDER, CRISPER, even MORE wonderful! I stopped and asked my lane mate if he could hear it. He said, “Hear what?” I lifted the speaker from my cheek and he leaned in and said, “OH! I can now…” It sounded for all the world like the whole Natatorium could hear it! I swam for an hour and the only thing that changes the sound is when I swim without the snorkel, there is a bit more noise in my ears from turning and lifting my head to breathe…so it interferes a bit in hearing the music. But really, not very much. I have no idea how this thing is waterproof, but it seems to be, and is just completely amazing.

I can only see one issue with it. I am certain to want to swim MORE…and might very well hurt myself with this…


Where did January go?? I swear someone stole my month!

OK, I was sick for about 3 weeks of it. That was three weeks of sneezing, nose-blowing, sinus-irrigating [yes, I did too], coughing, peeing [yes, that too], sleeping and less-than-joyous misery. And then there was a week of sort-of-half-sick-and-very-confused-trying-to-be-an-actual-well-person. So, I guess it wasn’t actually “stolen”, but rather misplaced. Still. Grrr.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. I am so far behind on everything I feel like I will never catch up. I mean, between my businesses, my MIL, my husband, cat and daughter…cooking and what absolutely minuscule cleaning I do…errands and shopping and appointments…then there’s keeping up with e-mail and trying to do a little bit of social networking [i.e. Facebook, Twitter, this blog, etc]…not to mention trying to market my stores, create new designs, create new websites, find new income streams…also keeping up with eating better, and exercising and doing my SparkPeople journaling…

Whew! It’s no wonder I’m exhausted. CRI…and might I add…MINY!