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I was born into a family of very talented and creative women.  My Mom was an awesome artist, even though she never really took it beyond doodling.  My Grandmother decorated everything she touched beautifully.  Her home, herself, Christmas gifts…she just had that flair.

I don’t profess to have any of those talents. I do have certain eye for capturing cool stuff through my camera lens, and I have an ear for funny.  Someday I’d like to take my writing beyond the blog, and I would love to play with watercolor and oil on canvas. For now, my creative flow has a few different outlets.

I am a Christian…Catholic by choice, but not a “good Catholic” by any stretch. LOL I have plenty of faults and some of my designs are for adults only.  So.

I have two shops powered by Cafepress.  One is called Cyndi’s Stuff.  This is my main shop and where the bulk of my designs live.  I have designs for teachers, pilots, lawyers and poker players…everything.   Just about anyone could find a fun phrase they’d love to wear here.

My second site is Blessed & Devoted.  I was uncomfortable with some of my snarky designs living in the same shop as my most personal thoughts and expressions about God, Jesus my Savior and the Saints.  So, I opened a second shop.  I have designs for almost any faith there, and as always I can do custom work as needed.  Just e-mail me.

My third and most recent shop is powered by Zazzle and is called  “A Little Bit Bad“. And…it is…just a little bit.  Now, there’s no porn or nudity in this shop.  But, I have a tendency toward a potty mouth, and while I’m not proud of it, I am honest and funny and there are a lot of others who are like me.  There are some swear words on this site, but mostly just extremely snarky…so be aware before you click.

Even though I do have a few photos on products on Cyndi’s Stuff, I also have a gallery at Imagekind to showcase more photos in a fine art format.

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