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Just. Wow.

I used to have a blog.  I used to write almost every day.  I had a few readers…you know, cuz occasionally, I have a funny.  Somehow it all slipped away.  I haven’t written…here anyhow…in many months.  A few reasons come to mind.

I started being concerned with what other people might think.  When my blog was called “Write2B”, it was reasonably anonymous and I really didn’t care much what folks thought.  Since then I started a business, started marketing a bit on my blog and changed it to my actual name domain.  Then it mattered a little what I said and who I might offend.  I posted a couple of political opinions and a bunch of flaming and fights blew out of them.  It made me very uncomfortable here.

We moved and I fell into a bit of a depression.  I think that’s fairly common, so I don’t think I need to belabor that…but while there is some extremely FUNNY stuff that happens in Texas, I just didn’t care enough to write about it.

I worried that my husband’s ex was reading.  This came about because I figured out that MY ex’s new wife was reading.  While I don’t really care that much about the latter…the former kind of flipped me out.  She is a vindictive, evil, pseudo-Christian, hateful psychopath, and the idea of her having any knowledge about my life was…well, completely uncool.

So…some of those reasons still exist.  Some don’t.  What’s changed?

Let’s see…

I’m not depressed anymore.  I don’t have a gazillion friends here and I’m not living the high life by any stretch. But, we have settled in and found some stuff about Texas and our house that really appeal to us…so we are going with it.  We are still struggling financially because of pay cuts, plus we have a kid in college and another going through a difficult legal hassle over child custody.  We try to help them both when we can, as well as making sure my mother-in-law has what she needs on a very meager Social Security/Disability income.  But we have found a few things that are reasonably cheap [or free] and very enjoyable.  Scanning the flyers for what’s on extreme sale for the freezer…making home improvements on our own, instead of paying someone to do them…grilling at home instead of eating out.  Having coffee together in the pool.  Just sort of blooming where I’m planted, so to speak.

Um, I also started a political blog elsewhere, so I can actually write about inflammatory things elsewhere and it doesn’t have to start fights here.

Also?  I absolutely don’t give an Angora Rabbit’s furry butt whether my husband’s ex reads this or not.  We have been in an 18 month court battle to finally get her off our “payroll”.  This woman is barely in her 50′s, has a degree in Accounting or something and the youngest kid is 22 and has been out of the house for almost 5 years.  Yet she still collects $500 a month that was originally in the court order to help with “educational expenses” for her and the kids.  Unfortunately, there was never an end date set and she has taken full advantage of that fact.  What kind of “Christian” takes money that was never meant for her to live on and uses it for herself…never sending a dime to the kid who’s still in college?  Not once in 5 years.  In case you want the math, that’s nearly $30K she has stolen from her CHILD.  Nice.  In the meantime, we have bought said child a used car for college transport, paid for insurance, furniture, tuition, books, clothes…whatever she needed help with, including moving her here and helping her start over after a failed relationship…we did it.  I swear, I don’t understand how some women believe that they have a right to make a man “pay” for them when they no longer have the kids to use as a weapon and they no longer carry the title of “wife”. I wish the lawmakers would get over themselves and realize that once a marriage is over, it should be OVER.  Child support is one thing, but this is an adult who refuses to do for herself and wants to suck from a milk bottle that we provide forever. GROW UP, YOU LOSER!

OK. So. I’m back. Whether or not anyone cares…well, doesn’t matter.  But I am back.