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He thinks my router's sexy

I have mentioned before, my hubby is a geek.  He’s a network guy…has been for a long time.  He’s the reason I can even write an e-mail, or create a website.  He adores technology.  When he was in law school…and studying for the Bar Exam…I would find him blowing off “studying” by playing on the computer.  When I say “playing”, I don’t mean he was on Facebook, or surfing porn.  Not even playing solitaire.  He would be writing code for a new program…or learning a new formatting language…or researching new technology.  I finally said, “Hey. You will hate being a lawyer.  You love technology.  You should probably stay in this field.”  So far, he has.

Recently I have come to terms with the idea that I am done with nursing. For real.  I had to leave to take care of my MIL, and I guess I didn’t realize how quickly I would become “fusty“.

We’ve been discussing what I should do now.  I still have my online retail stores.  But toying with the idea of furthering my technology training.  I really should never have left my job at EDS. I adored it.  Oh, well.

So.  I am going through some materials on the CCNA [Cisco Certified Network Associate] training.  Watching videos for now.  I have been exposed to this stuff for years [hubby is at the CCIE...E for expert...level] so I know most of the terms, but this lays all of it out in an A to Z, start to finish, definition type of way.  Very nice.  However…

My husband works from home, as do I.  I work in a different room and he comes to visit when he’s on break.  When I have the headset on, absorbing tech-speak, and he comes into the room, I try to wait until I am at a reasonable jumping off point to stop the recording.  While I do that? He sits and stares at me.  More like…gazes at me.  With lust.

Today, I said, “What?”

He said, “What ‘what’?”

“You are staring at me.”

“No. Just…looking.”

“At what?”

“At you. You learning stuff.”

“Me. Learning geek stuff.”

“Yeaaaah.” *very big grin*

“This turns you on, huh?”

“Yeaaaaah. Sexy.”



Yeah, so.  Men…geeks in particular…pretty funny.  And easy.  Did I mention that? Heh.