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He thinks my router's sexy

I have mentioned before, my hubby is a geek.  He’s a network guy…has been for a long time.  He’s the reason I can even write an e-mail, or create a website.  He adores technology.  When he was in law school…and studying for the Bar Exam…I would find him blowing off “studying” by playing on the computer.  When I say “playing”, I don’t mean he was on Facebook, or surfing porn.  Not even playing solitaire.  He would be writing code for a new program…or learning a new formatting language…or researching new technology.  I finally said, “Hey. You will hate being a lawyer.  You love technology.  You should probably stay in this field.”  So far, he has.

Recently I have come to terms with the idea that I am done with nursing. For real.  I had to leave to take care of my MIL, and I guess I didn’t realize how quickly I would become “fusty“.

We’ve been discussing what I should do now.  I still have my online retail stores.  But toying with the idea of furthering my technology training.  I really should never have left my job at EDS. I adored it.  Oh, well.

So.  I am going through some materials on the CCNA [Cisco Certified Network Associate] training.  Watching videos for now.  I have been exposed to this stuff for years [hubby is at the CCIE...E for expert...level] so I know most of the terms, but this lays all of it out in an A to Z, start to finish, definition type of way.  Very nice.  However…

My husband works from home, as do I.  I work in a different room and he comes to visit when he’s on break.  When I have the headset on, absorbing tech-speak, and he comes into the room, I try to wait until I am at a reasonable jumping off point to stop the recording.  While I do that? He sits and stares at me.  More like…gazes at me.  With lust.

Today, I said, “What?”

He said, “What ‘what’?”

“You are staring at me.”

“No. Just…looking.”

“At what?”

“At you. You learning stuff.”

“Me. Learning geek stuff.”

“Yeaaaah.” *very big grin*

“This turns you on, huh?”

“Yeaaaaah. Sexy.”



Yeah, so.  Men…geeks in particular…pretty funny.  And easy.  Did I mention that? Heh.

It's 'Boxing Day'…so can I hit someone?

I made a deal with Steve before we got out of bed…three hours ago.  I would make coffee and take it to him in bed if he would make us breakfast.  I am still waiting.  And it’s lunch time now.   I just told him that.   Dammit.

I said, “3 hours ago I took you coffee.”

He said, “Yes, and it’s gone now…by the way.”

I said, “Uh huh.  The deal was I bring you coffee and you make me breakfast.”

“I’m going to make you brunch.”

“When? In time for dinner?”

“I just wanted to do this one thing…”

Is it just me or is there always just “one more thing” whenever I ask for something?  I mean, it’s not like I ask for that many things.   The garbage to be taken out…or the recycling.  The litter box.  You know, guy stuff.  An occasional breakfast on Boxing Day…since I cooked two meals and did three loads of dishes and cleaned the kitchen twice yesterday.

Maybe the next time he hollers “Honey, can you bring me some toilet paper…?”, I’ll say…

“Sure! I just want to do one more thing…”