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Nature in my backyard…

OK, so, I cannot document my morning with a picture or a video, but it was awesome.

I was having coffee in the pool this morning…it’s one of my favorite things about summer in North Texas. I am actually liking the heat this year. Of course, not this week, when the heat index is 110F-115F. That’s just ridiculous. But the normal heat here…in the 90′s…well, I am tolerating it pretty well.

Ansel loves being out in the yard, though he’s all for just short trips when it’s as hot as the Devil’s sauna out there. He leaps after butterflies and moths, drinks out of the pool and lounges in the cool rocks under the Pampas grass or in the shade of the Banana plants. I have been worried about what he might do if he encounters a bee, since leaping on one is not a smart thing to do and a sting would not be a happy event. This morning as we were having a headbutting contest at the side of the pool, something caught his eye. I looked where he did, and saw a bee buzzing in the Phlox next to the pool. He watched it for a long moment, as I readied myself to grab him, and then he just…walked away. Good deal. Very smart kitty.

As stated in previous posts and on Flickr, we have done a lot of work in the back yard this year. Trying to create our own vacation spot in the convenience of our own yard. One of our shining achievements is the Hyacinth Bean vines we added along the fence. The vines are gorgeous, but the flowers are so unbelievably beautiful…and today?? While I sipped my latte’ in the pool and watched the sun rise over the fence…a hummingbird flew into the yard, and flitted from flower to flower in the Hyacinth Bean…then flew away.

Like I said, it…was…awesome.

My yard:

Sunrise in my backyard